Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness - Blog 8 - by Kyle Sorrell (Tucker)


It’s 12:52pm and It’s all "gooooooooood." (ed note: that joke will make sense after you see the show :) )

I have now completely immersed myself in this "actor" culture and I think they have accepted me as one of their own. All except the bearded one they call "Joe." There is something not quite right about this one. He’s looking at me a bit funny today, and is no doubt hung over as usual.

After the scene’s goals are met, we break into a conversation contemplating the shapes and sizes of various types of potatoes.

Observers of The Pursuit of Happiness are asked the question, "How did we all get here?" So I pose these difficult questions to the Magic 8 Ball:

How did Katie get to be so funny? (I think she’s coming down with Tourrette’s)

How did Gene get so "goooood." (He really come’s alive with a tazer in his hand.)

How did Lindsey get to be so perfect? (I think she actually got a line note yesterday)

…and just how did Joe get to be so……...tall?

The world may never know. But l am eagerly awaiting my final initiation into the group on opening night. It’s called "cast bonding" and I can only hope it’s not too painful, and that I will finally feel the pleasures of the elusive "coolio" I am promised (see yesterday's blog about "coolio".)

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