Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bill Blogs

The nice, generous people at the Actors Theater are once again treating this Minnesota guy like royalty! They just sent me my bus ticket, and it looks like after 6 days and 37 stops I will arrive in Phoenix fresh for opening night. It was only a slight bummer the bus doesn't have air conditioning. But the much anticipated return to The Hamburger Theater will feature the original writers and actors of the show. I have done about 3,000 performances with these guys. We like working together, except they hate it when I write my lines on their foreheads. I keep saying," how else am I am supposed to remember them?"
I'm a magician, not Allen Einstein.
Does the show leave an impact? Will you laugh? Will it be memorable?
Not sure for you, but for a couple in Sarasota, Florida... yes! We were at the Asolo Theater in 1997. A couple that attended just recently had a conversation saying, "Honey what would you like to do for your 80th birthday?" She said, "I want to see Triple Espresso
again." So the husband found out we were going to be in Phoenix,
bought two tickets to Arizona, and will be at the opening night with his bride for her 80th birthday present. I hope they adjust their watches so they don't get there 3 hours early.
If you don't know about this show, one critic said, "it's like spending an evening with the Marx Brothers." If you come and don't like the show, bring me your ticket and proof of purchase and I will personally tell you how sorry I am. - Bill Arnold, author of Triple Espresso