Friday, March 23, 2012

BODY AWARENESS - Blog 1 - Will Hightower (Jared)

As actors, we are already very body conscious, and with a show like Body Awareness, we are even more so. So what do we do? Step up our workout routines? Start a healthy diet? Start a daily push-up and throw-up contest?

Those are all great options, but actors think a little differently. We think in terms of objectives or desires. What's our objective? To look healthy on stage.

Not to be healthy--that is far too difficult! Instead we just want to be perceived as healthy. Because that’s what matters most, right? How other people see us? Well, I have discovered the best way to achieve this objective with one simple mind trick.

Make the other actors fat!

Easy! Genius! If I make all the other actors fat, then I will look healthy by comparison and thus be perceived as healthy.

I started off the battle right by bringing chocolate candies to rehearsal on the second day. Since then, the rest of them have caught on to my scheme and brought in their own weight-weapons.

Here is the current list of the Weapons of Mass Digestion:
Dove Chocolates – Milk and Dark
Chocolate-Covered Ginger
Sticky Buns
Cinnamon Rolls
Blueberry Muffins
Everything Bagels with Cream Cheese
Homemade Mac and Cheese
and something known only as the “Blarney Scone”

The culinary conflict causes delicious destruction as these tasty terrorists cause flakey fatalities. As the good fight continues and the weight wars wage on, stay tuned for the self-conscious caloric-conclusion!

And more importantly, come see the show on March 30th to see who won the epic food fight from the front(waist)lines!

photo: Will Hightower as Jared; credit: John Groseclose