Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness - Blog 10 - by Lindsey Marlin (Jodi)


All right, people...the blog war is ON. How many can we collectively post, huh? HUH?
Kudos to Joe's MADLIBS blog. That took me back...

To like, last week.

God, I'm pathetic.

Go '80's!

Anyway, we start tech tonight and I really can't wait. This is my Actors Theatre debut, so this is my first official night in Stage West.

It's a beautiful space, with its three tiers and intimate setting, and it will be a lot of fun to finally see the completed set within it. I'm looking forward to a possible tangible version of the "Slam, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" as well (see my previous post)!

So, that's all for now. Updates post-tech.


The "Slam, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" be damned! Sorry, Gene. It's looking really sturdy, that door frame. Furthermore, the entire set looks lovely and our upwardly mobile little family even has "granite" countertops! And sconces! Very nice sconces, I might add (Go Kim!). We nearly completed the initial tech of Act I tonight, so in 4.5 hours, I think we made pretty good time. It's so fascinating, this theatre thing. All these people contributing to the "whole" of mounting a production. I mean, the teamwork, the unity, the's just so humbling, in my opinion. In a world where so much crap is occurring on a regular basis, where so much crap is occurring in the macrocosm, it's really nice to see the OPPOSITE occurring in this microcosm. God, I love theatre.

Anyway, this is way too deep and I've got to head to bed.

Until later,
Lindsey Marlin
Actor/Voiceover Artist

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