Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness - Blog 6 - by Joseph Kremer (Spud) Blog-o-rama part deux)

Saturday October 20, 2007 12:03pm

Well hello. Here i am in rehearsal and i'm not going to lie to you people. I'm a little hungover. I think i can totally 'act' like i'm not hungover, but it's not going to be easy.

Our Artistic Director Matthew is coming to see our little run thru today and i really think it's important to at least look like i know what i'm doing. See? This job isn't that different from most other jobs, except of course construction :)

We're "working" some scenes right now. "Working" is the technical theatre term for "working on the scenes to make them a little crisper". Right now the one i'm watching is looking pretty crispy. fabulicious. I woke up this morning at 10:17am and had a bowl ofCorn Pops. i wanted something that wasn't too rich orfast foodish, so that seemed to fit the bill. Oh yespeople, I can tell you're jealous of the glamour. Just picture me sitting on the couch with a bowl of Corn Pops, hung-over hair sticking up on the top of my head with my dog Kramer starting at me with a look of disappointment. kind of like everybody looks at my character spud in the show. you'll see. my scene is coming up. gotta go.

Saturday October 20, 2007 12:40pm

Ok, I'm back. Well that went pretty well. i think ihave them all fooled about me being hungover. I don't think they suspect a thing, thank God. (ed. note from ron - the director: he fooled no one.) Ah...the glamour of this business that we call "show."Kyle's giving me strange looks today. i think he's getting into character. Oh God, wait till you see this guy on stage. he is so damn funny. Ok, back to work.

Saturday October 20, 2007 7:16pm

okay...so rehearsal is now over and i am at my house getting ready to start some homework for school. I'm sitting here at my computer desk wearing a t-shirt and jeans writing this blog mainly because it provides me with a wonderful and fully justified implement of procrastination. So here's what happened at the rest of rehearsal:

We had two more people come and see our little run-thru today. One of them was our "prop master" which is a technical theatre term for "the person in charge of things that we use on stage during the performance." The other one was a girl that works at the Herberger and helps us backstage during the run. I'm not sure with what but I'm very eager to find out. It did go quite well though. There were some things that i was sure Ron was going to give me some notes on, but he didn't. i hope it wasn't because he was sleeping while i was doing my scenes. (ed. note from ron - the director - i wasn't.) nah! Anywho, everyone did really really good. I really wish could tell you about the story a little bit so icould talk about which scenes i like the best, but everyone at Actors Theatre is afraid that i'll giveaway too much information about the plot and ruin the story. I guess i can understand that, it just makes ithard to discuss the show if i have to describe things like, "we were working the scene where Gene _____ me in the ______ and so i had to _____ on the stage, but i keep _____ on my _____ so I had to ask April for a_______."

You see what I mean? it's very difficult. I feel like i work for the CIA and can't tell my spouse how my day was at work.

wife: "How was your day honey?"

CIA agent: "Well, I was _____ the hell out of this______ when finally he started telling us where_____Bin _____ was. Then Agent ______ came in and told me about how when we get ready to _______ Iran we have to make sure that _______ is out of the country before the poisonous ___ starts to kill everyone."

wife: "Well that's nice dear."

CIA agent: "Damn it's hard to talk to you about my day. Well, i'm off to Cambodia."

wife: "Goodbye dear. Have a nice trip. Bring me backsome hash."

You see what I mean?

Okay, this has gone on long enough.

I have to dohomework.

much love!

I'll write more tomorrow.

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