Monday, October 29, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness - Blog 12 - by Kyle Sorrell (Tucker)

Alright folks, WE ARE OPEN !!!

This is the most fun i've had onstage in a while!
Compared to most tech rehearsals, the proccess of the
last week was smoooooth sailing - thanks to the great
April Smith heading up a team of the most capable and
delightful group of designers, technicians and actors
in the valley. And I'm not just saying that because I
want to work here again and again, I mean it! As an
actor, there are times you look around at the project
you're in and go, "Why did I get into this line of
audiences have been warm and giving and it just makes
us want to give more back. It reminds us that the
theatre is the most unique and interactive form of art
you can indulge in.

Ok.. bla bla bla, praise praise praise, the point of
this BLOG is THIS ...If you are reading this and
thinking, "Hmm...I dunno if I'll have a chance to see
this show or not." or you are on the fence at all, GET

Whatever you're excuse is - we got the answer:

Mother-in law's in town?? Bring her. She'll love it!

Too much homework?? You gotta take a break some time
so laugh it up & you'll feel refreshed and be more
productive later.

Gotta wash your hair? Leave it dirty. The theatre's
dark anyway and no one's looking.

You're cat's sick? Give her a pat and some catnip and
get your butt to the theatre.

I promise you will feel as lucky as I do to be there
that night. You will laugh a LOT and choke up a
little, just like I do. You will feel the raw and
active direction of Ron May, the the poignant wit of
Richard Dresser, the sweet nostalgia of Ben Monrad's
sound design, the contagious energy of a superb cast,
and the joy of Actors Theatre.

(I know, kinda nice to write your own reviews, huh?
Well, come and see it and you can post your own!)

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