Monday, October 22, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness - Blog 3 - by Gene Ganssle (Neil)

"Happiness" rehearsal 10/19/07

If you wanted to peek inside my head right now, you would find I have a lot in common with "Tuck". (Tucker - the character in the show)

There's always a lot of strangely mixed feelings as I move into tech. rehearsal with a show.
Don't get me wrong: this show is very funny and very wonderful, thanks to great scripting, casting and direction.
But it's the challenge of making everything come together.
Last night I was trying to balance all of the specific work with all of the notes and changes, along with three pages of line notes (April hears ALL) and incorporate it all into the run.
All I can say is I'll need to run it some more. But we are very close to having another unique and wonderful Actor's Theatre show. That's the reason, despite all I've just said, I love working here!
Come and see why for yourself.
Gene Ganssle

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