Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lillie Richardson - BLOG #2 - "Dream Roles"

Last week was tech which meant we were stuck with each other for 10 hours a day. During our two hour dinner breaks some of us would eat together. I made it clear that I wanted a gourmet burger for dinner last Thursday. Since it was payday most people agreed to join me for a delicious meal at a wonderful restaurant in the Arizona center called “1130”. I tell you what…they make the BEST hamburgers and French dip. So, as we ate I asked each person at the table what their “dream role” would be and here are the answers.

Natalie Ellis wishes to play the Witch in “Into the Woods”. I can totally see that, especially after she plays Alfaba in Wicked on Broadway!

Dion wants to play George “Sunday in the Park”. I can’t wait to see that!

Beau Heckman wants to play the Phantom in “Phantom of the Opera”. I think that role is just around the corner for Beau.

Robbie Harper’s dream role is Seymour in “Little Shop of Horrors”. Can’t you just see Robbie in that role? When he mentioned it, the whole table let out a resounding “yes!”

But he also wants to play Lloyd in “Noises Off”.

David Rogers want to play Javet in “Les Miserables” and the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”. He certainly has the power in his voice for both roles!

Those were the only cast members at the table but I would like to know what the dream roles of the other cast members are too. Maybe they will blog their answers.

I already know that Casey Likes (Tiny Tim) will be famous director some day. I certainly hope he has my headshot and resume on file.

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Keilani said...

Hmm...I think my dream role is Little Red in "Into the Woods". That would be EPIC!!