Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keilani Akagi - Belinda Cratchit

“Boo!” A smile creeps across my face as I watch the bewildered faces of people passing by. Their perplexed expressions seem to ask, “It is December, right? Who would yell ‘Boo!’ on Christmas?” I walk past them and my smile grows bigger as I picture David Barker in his multicolored coat of ribbons. I rush towards the doors at the end of the hall ready for another wonderful Christmas.

This is my third year returning to this wonderful production as Belinda Cratchit and I enjoy it more each year! It’s wonderful to walk into rehearsal and greet the friends of Christmases past, meet the friends of Christmas present, and exhilarating to think about the cast of Christmas yet to come. This year we had many new people coming to join the cast and it has been a pleasure to get to know each and every one of them.

There are six young performers in this production who are brimming with energy, maybe a little too much at times! This year Casey (Tiny Tim) and I were the only two kids to return this year and we were eager to meet the new kids who would join us. They have been AMAZING! I remember my first year how overwhelmed I was by how fast we were learning an entire show. They have done a phenomenal job! We have a strict rehearsal schedule and those who are new must learn their part as fast as they can. All the new cast members (kids and adults) have been absolutely delightful and have contributed fun filled memories to make another wonderful Christmas!

Now that I’ve mentioned the new cast members, the older cast members deserve just as much recognition. They bring joy, happiness and energy to every rehearsal and performance that…“Place please! Places please for top of show!” Well I suppose I must be off, time for our first run through! Lots of muffled kafuffle going on and if it gets too loud, well…“EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM NOW!” Merry Christmas, happy New Year, keep the season warm and bright!

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Lynn said...

Hey Keilani! I missed you so much... Right, this is Lynn. From King and I, remember? I watched you perform today... I loved it. It was weird because I had a feeling that I was going to meet someone from the King and I during the performance. My heart started racing when I heard your name and wanted to yell out "Keilani! It's Lynn!" Well it was great to see your. BTW check your facebook... :)