Sunday, December 13, 2009

by Kiana "Kiki" Brown - age 12 - playing "Fan"

A Christmas Carol is so much fun! We have so much to do in such little time. I am a new-comer so I sometimes take the wrong steps, for instance, when I left my mug dirty on the counter after rehearsal and it was put in the “mug punishment area”. Of course there are many people that help me through the long journey: Keilani is a great help in the dances, Sally Jo in the alto section, and Robbie, April, Matthew, and Alan for directing me. I give a “thanks” to them. People have begun getting nick-names, like Rafe is called Rif-Raff, named so by Lillie. And Robbie has his signature reason for assigning a dance move -- Baby Jesus. “Baby Jesus on top of the Christmas tree” and “Rock the Baby Jesus” are two of his dance moves. He also tells me to move the imaginary fire from under the imaginary Christmas tree many times. And of course the classic move “flappa-flappa-down.” It is a joy to work in A Christmas Carol, and thanks cast for being the best ever.

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