Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From Lillie Richardson - "Mrs. Fred"

As an old-timer in the Christmas Carol has been fun to get to know the new people in the cast. And I love meeting new people. Anyone who knows me...also know how I LOVE my friends. And I love the opportunity to have a new conversation.

So, I had lunch with Raif (I call him riff-raff), Mike Lawler, Beau and Gene Gansele Friday and we were talking about working out. Mike shared with us that he ran into Cale Epps when he went to work out at the YMCA, that morning and Cale invited him to join him in his yoga class. Mike said it was the hardest work out he has ever done! And Mike has been working out for a LONG time...ya know, with weights and everything. So, I asked Riff-Raff if he has ever done yoga. I knew he played sports and he looks like he is in pretty good shape. He said he has been doing yoga since he was three years old. "What"?! We all exclaimed!
He said it was part of his spiritual upbringing! "Awesome!", I replied. I totally get into anything spiritual. I just know I am going to like this kid!

Okay, so I had another insightful conversation with another "new" cast member. I was talking to Dion and asking him what it felt like to be new in this cast. He said that he has always been the returning cast member for years in Quiltmakers Gift as the king and now he knows what the new members of that cast must have felt like...year after year joining their cast. So he said he chuckles when members of our cast are assigned something new to do or a line is changed because then they have to work too!
Then I asked if he has observed any "divas" in the group. And he said he has noticed a few. And I asked if I was one. And he said he didn't really want to say. So, Dion thinks I am a "Diva".
Hey, I take that as a compliment. Not all divas are bad...they are just confident!
Thanks for the compliment Dion! We are going to have a blast!!!!!
Next blog, I will tell you about meeting miss Kiki
That's it for now,
Lillie Richardson
Kathyrn (Scrooge's nephew's wife)

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