Friday, March 2, 2007

guest blog from Janice Sweeter - Director of Marketing

We are excited to see Augusta taking shape as we head into Tech next week and Preview next Friday. Ron, please breathe. So he could focus on the work on stage - and you could have new stuff to read, here is an overview of the cool stuff I heard at the Meet and Greet a few weeks ago and then again at the uber-fun First Rehearsal Party where I learned more interesting tidbits about Augusta and the artists who are bringing it to life. I also learned a physics lesson that a recently used Sterno can is hot and if the lid is not on tight - it can pop several feet in the air landing precariously close to one's face - but we heard that several people enjoyed the hot pasta with a spicy bite from Sam's Cafe. Now, I wonder if this will spark a Youtube frenzy of videos like the ones with the COKE bottles and the mentos. Talk about a science experiment! Speaking of Youtube, did you know we have sneak peeks of rehearsal scenes of the amazing cast on our website and on Youtube? Check 'em out and let us know what you think. and

So back to behind the scenes of Augusta - Matthew Wiener described it as a lovely mix of old guard and new guard with several familiar faces, new faces and one familiar face with a new role. Matthew has worked with Richard Trujillo in several Actors Theatre productions over the past 19 years. Patti Davis Suarez was in several Actors Theatre shows including the recent smash hit Nickel and Dimed. Augusta is Kerry's first time acting in an Actors Theatre play and Ron's first time directing for us.

We all know Ron's terrific talents as Artistic Director for Stray Cat and the occasional acting role I hope you got a chance to see Energizer Bunny Kerry McCue die with heartbreaking pathos in 4.48 Psychosis and other powerful roles with Stray Cat. Ron is also still managing Audience Services stuff for Actors Theatre - thank you for your patience with voicemail and email responses. See you at the theatre for Opening Night next Saturday!

- Janice

PS If you attended the First Rehearsal Party, please let us know what you thought of the evening. Was it your first or second time or are you a regular? If you'd like more info on them, let us know.

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