Thursday, February 22, 2007

an Augusta actress speaks...

Hello. My name is Kerry McCue. I play Claire in Actors Theatre's upcoming production of Augusta. And I am a blog virgin.

Though I lack the primal instinct to blog, I may magically trick you (like David Blaine) by exhibiting blog wisdom and quirky punctuation beyond my meager experience. I have attended The School of Blog - Professor: Ron May. Sorry to say, Ron has the lower case thing all locked up. I think he has it, like, copyrighted and s**t. So don't nobody go copying, don't be lazy with that shift button. Capitalize that s**t. I tried my own signature style and went the other way with ALL CAPS. Just looked angry.

Thank you Ron for opening this forum, even if you and I are the only ones who read it (Janice too, of course). I must say you have set the bar quite high with your description of this creative outlet as 'Wet & Wild'. You had me at No Porn, Ron. You had me at No Porn.

But down to business...

Like many women in the theatre I find it hard to balance work and home... with being crazy. But seriously, this role in Augusta is my favorite job I've had in a long time. There were a few long days- 12 to 6 @ rehearsal, 6 to 9 @ performance for 4.48 Psychosis. But well worth it, I just love it. I haven't connected so immediately with a character since playing Aunt Debra in Kimberly Akimbo @ Stray Cat Theatre. Not unlike George and Weezy Jefferson, I too know what it feels like to be movin' on up. From transient. To training-wage Merry Maid.

Mad props go out to Mr. T and Pats (Rich & Patty), and a special shout out to April Smith stage manager extraordinaire for doing a slammin' job so far.

Blog tidbit - sometimes people think it's cute to confess embarrassing things in their blogs. Here's mine - Someday I hope to attain a deep sense of satisfaction from Googling myself. That'll just be our little secret. Welllll... yours, mine, and anybody who has access to the internet.

No blog is complete w/out a survey. Here goes--

Q: What are you going to do after you finish reading this blog?

Thank you, Good Night!

P.S. - Did I mention that Sarah Silverman is my hero?


Marcos Voss said...

Kerry McCue is the funniest, most talented person this side of 7th Avenue. I luvs ya Kerry!

Justin said...

s'true. Kerry McCue is amazing. Always one of my favorite actresses to watch onstage AND a joy to work with.

After I read this . . . I'm going to continue pretending to work.

Also, anyone know excatly how the google thing works? Isn't it based somehow on number of references? In which case . . . Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue, Kerry McCue!

Sam Bent said...


Like yourself, this is my first time with a blog so I'll be gentle. First of all, "bravo" the show was nicely paced, the energy sensational, and the set design worked perfect. The writing allowed all three characters to play well off each other. Everyone in the production should take a long bow, for the performance of Augusta deserves an encore. As for your comment about getting a comfortable part I can relate. I played an eighty year old surly sarcastic janitor(I was 53 at the time). Shuffling around the house didn't go over big with my wife but repairing everything made up for grumpy character. Best Wishes and good reads to you in the future.