Wednesday, February 7, 2007

gotta start somewhere...

so...first order of business: introductions.
my name is ron may.
i handle audience services for actors theatre.
and i'm an alcoholic.
not really.
well...not officially.
not yet.
if you have season and i have likely spoken. hopefully i was nice.

when i'm not at work - i serve as artistic director for stray cat theatre. some of you may have seen our stuff. some of you...maybe not so much. if you haven't, should. you really should.
seriously. you should :) - get some.

i digress.
i do that a lot.
you'll see.

at any rate, my point - and i kind of have one - is that i am going to be directing the next show for actors theatre - richard dresser's augusta.
good times.

enter the blog.

i guess it's kind of baptism by fire that i am starting up the super official wet and wild actors theatre blog.

we have created this blog as a forum for you to get a little more behind the scenes insight into what goes on over here. over the course of the next several weeks, you can check out what i - and other surprise guest bloggers - have to say about getting augusta up on it's feet. you can also feel free to comment, ask questions, chew me out for writing in all lowercase ('s what i do) - whetever. open long as you don't post porn.

no porn. the future...

and thanks for reading. - rm

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