Friday, March 2, 2007

from a short fat little Mexican

this has been a thoroughly wonderful process. While we are still not there it feels good to know where we still need to go--and, now--what that might also look like. Dresser’s work is not easy to do. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel it when it works. His unconventional style is definitely a journey to navigate, but the results can be relentlessly funny.

Ron may is the real thing when it comes to directors. This guy is good. He’s smart, humble, open and yet is very decisive when he sees something work. Good directors aren’t afraid to be wrong and great directors transcend. Ron is taking us on a very cool journey. I trust him--like crazy.

Patti is amazing. She is sooo open and willing to try anything--a pure artist. It’s pretty cool to share the stage with her. I am still looking forward to the coming final weekend of rehearsal growing deeper into the character relationships as we continue to discover.

I hope this is a pro breakout for kerry mccue. She’s good. Real good. Its fun working a scene with her. She’s there. And I mean there. Moment to moment. Connected. Strong. What a joy!!

We are all lucky to have April in the room. What great insight and understanding of the process--an actors and directors dream to have in the rehearsal room. She gets it from all angles--the full circle of what it takes to make it all work.

I’ll blog again next week as we get closer to go time.
Rock n’ roll doggie
- Richard Trujillo

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