Monday, March 5, 2007


On the whole, this is a joyful experience. But I do have a few suggestions:

Richard: Stop making me laugh.

Kerry: Stop being so professional...makes me look bad. And would it kill you to drop a line?

April: Stop anticipating our needs. Leaves me nothing to bitch about.

Ron: Stop being right. But....Don't stop the Ronspeak. When you say "...this is a moment of full frontal happiness," or "gesture with your donut hand," or "give me a mental 'ummm," or... my personal favorite, "Here, all your skin is being boiled off," I know exactly what you're looking for!!!

Janice: Stop being so good at your job. My philosophy is...candid photos should always be posed.

Matthew: Can't say "stop" to the boss. But... just so you know; You used to scare me to death. Now, not so much.

Erica: Stop not coming around. Miss you.

Other random thoughts:
Richard Dresser is funny. And challenging to play.

Ron and Kerry are scary together ..... Ron says "fur ball," and Kerry says "Oh, is that a pork chop moment? Can do." (This actually makes sense, to them.)

Note to Ron.... if Richard gets a theme song, so do Kerry and I, okay? I want "Stand By Your Man" and Kerry wants... well, I don't know. Something I haven't heard of, I'm sure. Pleeeeeeese no hip-hop. (or is that already yesterday?) Sigh.

April has stopped smoking!!! HUGE GOLD STAR! For those of you who may not know... that's the hardest thing to do in life!

Except comedy.

patti suarez (playing Molly)

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