Friday, February 26, 2010

Jessica Weaver - SECRET ORDER Blog #2


OK, so this really has nothing to do with Actors Theatre, or Cancer, or how much Matthew can make me laugh during rehearsal, but it DOES have to do with my source of transportation. The Phoenix Light Rail System, bringing together the sane and seemingly insane one ride at a time! I thoroughly enjoy taking the light rail everyday to rehearsal because of the fantastic people (characters?) and the awkward situations they put me in. I often wonder if they think our conversations are normal, or if they KNOW they are awkward and thats why they start them -- to humor themselves. Being that it's about the third week of rehearsal, I have been able to meet a lot of riders, but I've got to say my favorite person so far is this man I got to meet on February 12th. It was on that infamous night ride home I got to meet a man that referred to himself as "Party Marty". I met Party Marty because as soon as he came into the light rail. He stood in front of my bike (which I had been standing behind) and parked his bike in front of him, literally creating a bike-gate in front of me. Being that it was the beginning of my ride, I didn't really care, I was sure that he would get off the light rail before me. As soon as he settles himself, he turns and the first words out of him mouth are, "I'm bipolar and I'm wasted, no one can f@%k with me." My comfortable ride home instantly turned into the most interesting conversation with a stranger that I have ever had. There were a lot of people on the light rail that night so I was never nervous, I actually felt quite safe, so I decided to keep the conversation with Party Marty going (I mean, how many times will this happen to me?? Take advantage!) Party Marty asked me what I had been doing that night, and I told him that I had just ended a long night of rehearsal and was making my way home. P.M. continued this conversation by telling me that he did a play once in grade school where he played Huckleberry Finn because "somebody had to!" He continued with the fact that he hated that play because it took all of his time which meant no basketball. That somehow led into the fact that he has an IQ of 180 and is a professional horse trainer, karate black-belt, certified carpenter & plumber, he built his own house, is a champion golf player, and that he can (again) kick anyone's ass, but people don't "f%$k" with him because they know better.

Jessica: "Wow, well it looks like you've really done it all!"
Party Marty: "I didn't do it all, Jesus Christ did it all"
Jessica: "You know what, you're right, you really can't beat that guy"
Party Marty: "No, you can't just think about what he did for us . . . "
(This is the part when Party Marty was with himself, thinking about Jesus I suppose, and then he started to cry)

He then noticed what was happening, so he offered to spark up the joint he had in his pocket and share it with me. A couple of teenagers on the other side of the train heard this and started cheering. I said, "no thanks, but it looks like you might have a fan club that might be interested." Party Marty shrugged and responded with "well, someone's gotta do it".

Shortly after Party Marty looks at me and says, "you know what? God Bless the light rail, if it wasn't for this light rail, you and I would have never had this conversation. Jessica, I am going to go to work now, and I hope you have a wonderful night." And just like that, Party Marty was gone.

The best part is, he is completely right.

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