Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mark DeMichele - SECRET ORDER blog #2

Well we have now been through our Heisenburg rehearsals with the playwright, reworked sequences with his input (very odd to have the playwright involved in the middle of the process, my experience has been that the writer will typically join the process either early on for table work or last dress rehearsals into opening), stitched the sequences together into acts, added lights, sound, wardrobe and now audience.

Finally Chester and I were able to have some quality time walking around the ‘hood. For the past ten days I’ve only seen him when I would get home from rehearsal usually waking him from my side of the bed so I could get some sleep. I think that annoys him more than my working on my lines at the table. Anyway as we were walking we paused for a moment and he looked at me, leg lifted for other business, as if to ask where I’d been, did I miss him, was it worth it and why did my voice sound like ground glass? I scratched him behind the ear to let him know I did miss him, thought to myself that yes it was worth all the time away---the preview audience response was quite warm—and made a mental list of what I would need to do to restore my voice in time for opening nite.

We then turned the corner to head for home as the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling” started on the ipod…so as our playwright often says, “enough said.”

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