Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jessica Weaver - SECRET ORDER Blog

Jessica, a graduate student at ASU, plays the role of Alice Curiton in Actors Theatre's upcoming production of Secret Order
Prior to Actors Theatre, I have felt that my acting assignments at ASU have been based on my personality. I was cast into certain roles because my own personality had fit the character's personality. And not to saw that I don't enjoy that, those assignments are ALWAYS a ton of fun . . well, acting is always fun so . . . but anyways. After I had found out that I got cast in Secret Order and read the script for the first time I was . . I dunno, shocked . . excited even. I had been cast into a role whose personality and demeanor was nothing like my own:
Jessica - Seattle
Alice - Boston

Jessica - West Coast
Alice - East Coast

Jessica - Rock Climb
Alice - R-cells

Jessica - Cat-lady
Alice - "1000 poodles"

Jessica - Actress
Alice - Scientist

. . . but it was at that last comparison I started thinking differently. I remembered last summer when I got to spend some time in Barryville, NY studying with Kari Margolis. Kari's "Margolis Method" bases actor training off of the laws of physics. More and more, the worlds of art and science are coming closer together. The science of acting, the artistic quality of science. And it is here when I start to see how similar Alice and I really are. For goodness sake, Alice is working as a lab assistant for an internship. Secret Order is my internship for ASU!! Every time I walk into the rehearsal hall, my blood just starts pumping because I get so excited to start working. Alice is the same exact way. Although I may not understand the excitement between r-cells and graduated cylinders, I can understand the enthusiasm a person gets when they get to do the thing they love most in life. Passion makes the world taste better, not Dr. Pepper.

But . . . Dr. Pepper is pretty damn good.

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