Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lieutenant of Inishmore - Blog 4 - David McCormick (playing James)

Anything for my Masters Degree!

I knew I was entering an entirely new league of theatre when the first sound I heard as I entered the rehearsal space was April grinding coffee beans! Our amazing stage manager insists on only the best (well, better than mediocre) for her actors. I simply thought to myself, "Whew! At least I'm not going to have to make coffee and go on bagel runs!" I assumed that being an intern would mean that I would be the virtual slave of the theatre.

Arizona State and Actors Theatre have fostered a new relationship in which the MFA actors with the Herberger College of Theatre and Film have an opportunity to work with ATP if there is a role in the season that suits them and the director's vision. I remember auditioning for the 07-08 season and feeling quite comfortable from the start. Now I'm the fourth member of the ASU MFA program to be given an opportunity to work with ATP. Cathan Bordyn was in The Inteligent Design of Jenny Chow, Kane Anderson and Kerry Weider were in The Pillowman, and now here I am as James, the tortured upside down guy. Talk about a crazy debut on the professional stage!

Another great aspect of my internship is that I was awarded the opportunity to assist Cory Starr, our effects supervisor and weapons master. I'm learning about how he is constructing the "blood cannons" and our "catapulp" (see the show and you'll know what that term means...enjoy!!). Also, I will help him with the firearms before, during, and after each performance. Realistically, I'm expecting to do alot of gun stripping and cleaning, paired with cleaning up ridiculous amounts of blood! Luckily, we're not using nearly as much blood as they used in the Broadway production! I'm quite comfortable with the weapons as I've used a vast array of them; real one's while serving in the military and theatrical ones as well.

All in all, it's refreshing to say the least that everyone here operates on an entirely professional level and to me that shows a respect for each other and to art. I believe that we are artists first and foremost. Everything else is just paying the bills! I'm excited that my family is flying out to see me (in my one scene) and I know they are going to be laughing so hard they'll practically be rolling in the aisles! My folks love the kind of raw humor that is in this play.

Well, that's all for now. I have to ice my sore ankles...



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