Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lieutenant of Inishmore - Blog 5 - Cale Epps (playing Brendan)

Hey. I'm Cale. I play Brendan in this wacky show. Matthew says I'm the only one allowed to write a sensitive blog. I'm not sure why he's picked me for that honor, but here you go. I'll try to have some sensitive romance dripping from each and every letter that I type.... yeah... not really, though.
So rehearsals are going well. Everyone is falling into their roles. We've learned our lines. We all are moving well in our blocking. We've really come together as a cast... Are you still awake?
What I think is cool about the process of rehearsing a play is this thing of how there are these words on some pieces of paper and then this guy or this girl says them and then if that person is telling the truth and speaks loud enough for a group of people to hear them, for the most part, something really compelling happens. The telling the truth part is a bit peculiar and can be incredibly elusive. It's like an actor El Dorado. But tapping into just a little bit of that really gives life to what ultimately is just words on paper. I'm struggling a bit with that right now. Every process is new and different. Every play has a voice that is prismed and shaped by a captain. Part of my job is to find my own voice in that shape. To tell my truth through the captain's mouth. So sometimes that can be challenging. But challenge is cool. You get to learn more about all this and how you do it and deal with it. If the process eats you or if you embrace the process. I want to be an embracer!
Another thing also is the difference of having a large line load and having a small one. With many lines are many clues as to who the person you're portraying is. The opposite is so with a short line load. It almost becomes more difficult to know what you should be doing here in this moment or there in that one. I think this playwright is very specific with the people he has created. Because of that, I believe who my person is, is written into the lines and why can't I just say them and get it right?????!!!!!!! Well........ I guess like Larry Mullen Jr., who is the drummer for U2, said in Rattle and Hum, "It's a musical journey." I have no idea what that means, but he said it in an Irish accent, so...? Alright, enough for now. Please enjoy the show. Great things are going into it. :)

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