Friday, August 31, 2007

Lieutenant of Inishmore - Blog 3 - Kerry McCue (playing Mairead)

McCue here. Hope you’re ready… here it comes.

Week 2: Guns Are Dangerous

No, really. That may seem obvious but I’d just like to put it out there. My personal experience with weaponry extends only as far as my ace marksmanship with a .22 rifle during glorious summer days at Camp Kitaki. Those were sweet times and many targets on haystacks were conquered. Then we sang songs around the campfire. Really, we did, it was cool.

My knowledge regarding armament has just increased exponentially. Luckily the whole subject is fascinating and the outcome will be a fabulous production.

So, we’re learning to safely use “prop” guns. Our Weapons Master, Click (a.k.a. Cory Starr) gives us great guidance and really knows his stuff. All but one of the cast hold a gun in the show, and most of us will be firing live blank rounds, or “blanks.”

There is ZERO possibility of serious injury to cast or audience, it is literally not possible with the prop guns we use. Minor injury to an actor is a different story. If held wrong when firing one could slice a finger, break a thumb or even break a wrist. That is why the safety we’ve learned is so important. Once the show goes live in front of an audience it can be very hectic, and we will have the tools we need to perform safely and make it look really, really good.

I heard the cast might even field-trip to the shooting range for target practice. We are doin’ our research people. It is really exciting to have such challenging technical elements in this show.

Learnin’ somethin’ new every day.

Make sure you check out the photos for Lieutenant of Inishmore. They turned out SUPERCUTE!

And make sure you come see the show! Matthew calls it “Quentin Tarantino meets Monty Python.”

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