Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lieutenant of Inishmore - Blog 1 - Kerry McCue (playing Mairead)

Hello, Friends!

McCue here:

Thrilled to be back @ Actors Theatre!!!!! Second show here, first show with Mathew directing. Super, super exciting! The script and assembled team are sensational and we‘re practicing like we‘re trying to make the play-offs.

Week 1: Trial by Fire in Dialect Boot Camp

You can prepare as much as you like. Read the script, study the lines, listen to Irish accent films, television, audio books, and accent tapes. Do your homework, you’re going to need it.

But you can’t prepare too much. You must wait to “lock things in” until you are actually in rehearsal, with the most fabulous coach ever (D. Vining). Flexibility is key, adapt what you’ve been practicing to what is appropriate for the specific region you are attempting to portray.

As if it wasn’t tricky enough, different characters are from different regions. So we have dueling dialects. This is an exciting challenge, to maintain an accent that is new to you while listening to a scene partner with a similar but distinctly different accent.

My other struggle with my brogue is a little show I did @ Stray Cat Theatre called Trainspotting. I had a strong dialect in that show that was completely different from Irish, but close in some ways. I can’t tell you what country. I don’t even want to say it, write it, think it for fear the old accent will pop up.

But don’t get me wrong. None of this is complaining. Just thought I would share with you a little slice of my rehearsal joy. We have an hour of work per day dedicated solely to each of the accents, and I spend my down time pouring over my notes and loving every minute of it. I get home late and still can’t put the script down.

Did I mention that I’m gonna cut all my hair off for the role?


And there’s lots of blood in the show.

And guns.

It rocks.

Thanks for your interest in our blogging, all readers are cool in my book. You would be silly to miss our production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Still cool... but silly.

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