Monday, June 9, 2014

Actors Theatre of Phoenix Summer Book Club - What are you reading next?

What are you reading next? In preparation for Actors Theatre of Phoenix's upcoming production of THE BOOK CLUB PLAY (running June 20 - August 17 2014), cast member Angelica Howland wrote a book report on one of the books discussed in the play. 

Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow

A Book Report by Angelica Howland

First, in my opinion, Presumed Innocent, the book, is not as good as Presumed Innocent, the movie.

Second, I did not care for the book at all. Not that it wasn't well written and sometimes intriguing. I just felt like, at times, I was swimming through jargon and detail to get to the real story.

Which is this... A woman is raped and murdered. She was a well liked and beautiful yet, career climbing prosecutor for the DA, sometimes using the casting couch for her advancement.

Some of the male types involved in the the investigation are positioning themselves for reelection or promotion and are preening like peacocks. One of the head prosecutors for the DA is a man named Rusty. He had an affair with the victim but, because he has no aspirations to be more than he already is, the victim dumped him. Which has made him obsess over her and seriously alienated his wife. In an effort to keep the affair under wraps and spare his wife further humiliation, Rusty asks a colleague and good friend of his to take the lead on the case. No luck.

The evidence, though strange, points to Rusty as the murderer, outs the affair and he is put on trial. However, the evidence is too murky to convict him and the case against him is dismissed and the murder goes unsolved.

But... Rusty later finds damning evidence in his own home.

Guess who did it? Rusty's wife. And guess why? Old fashioned jealousy and revenge.

The moral? A man's penis can really get him into a lot of trouble.


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