Monday, December 13, 2010

A CHRISTMAS CAROL blog 6: Sally Jo Bannow (Ghost of Christmas Past)

David Barker is a funny man – no – he is a comedy stylist – a humor artiste extraordinaire! David has perfected a number of ‘comedy routines’ that he regales us with each and every year, EACH and EVERY time as if we have never seen them before. Either he is an amazing master of discovery, acting as if each time is the first, or we’re seeing the early onset of dementia… The cast has even banned one of the characters David brought out annually. It really was best for everyone!
Thankfully, there is always at least one new cast member to try these ‘comedy morsels’ on as we begin rehearsals. As David approaches the new member of the cast, we, the Christmas Carol veterans, look on with a silent grin, knowing exactly what’s coming. We all enjoy the laughs, and the groans, from the new cast members. But even more than that, we delight in the joy on David’s face EACH and EVERY time. I will miss the antics of one Mr. David Barker when this production closes.

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david barker said...

Haha! None of this is true! I work very hard on new, fresh material each and every morning. Not really sure what Miz Bannow is referring to. Hmmm....odd though. But what I DO know is true: Sally Jo is among the funniest people you will ever meet and one of the kindest. She lights up the stage with her presence and she makes me laugh often. Very difficult to do. I will miss her zaniness this time next year, but am truly blessed to call her my friend.