Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IN THE NEXT ROOM - post 5 - Angelica Howland (Catherine Givings)

Tonight while getting dressed for our first tech rehearsal in Stage West at the Herberger, I decided to use the bathroom before putting on my corset, butt pillow, petticoat and dress (always a wise thing to do) but could not find the dressing room bathroom light. Well, I went ahead and did it in the dark. As I was fumbling around for the toilet paper, a gecko (who had apparently found himself a cushy home atop the toilet paper roll) was rudely awakened. He jumped onto my hand, skittered across my bare thigh, then down the leg of my bloomers and onto my shoe. The toilet paper rolled out of reach as I jumped up and down, laughing and screaming bloody murder with my bottoms around my ankles. Lillie (my dressing roommate, YAY!) and Lois tried to help -- well, Lillie stayed safely in the dressing room calling for help while Lois came in and handed me the runaway toilet paper roll and looked for the overhead light. Now, I've got no problem with geckos. But I prefer to see them out of doors and definitely not down my pants, thanks.

For all you creature lovers out there, no, I did not inadvertently smash the little guy. The frightened little gecko scurried behind the toilet and is probably still there. I think both Lillie and I will be using the Ladies Room in the hall from now on.

And now -- new topic... My costumes are so gorgeous I can't stand it!

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