Wednesday, October 13, 2010

IN THE NEXT ROOM - post 3 - Angelica Howland (Catherine Givings)

After having worn a corset on and off for the past 4 days I can say with complete and utter conviction that I am very thankful to be a woman firmly rooted in this century. My ribs are aching as they settle back into place after being firmly compressed for hours. And the tiny place where a bent piece of boning was poking me (April, our wonderful stage manager, removed it -- and today it was much better) is still feeling a little bruised. And while I quite enjoy the lovely boobage and hourglass shape the corset gives me -- I have realized that I am most definitely a creature of comfort. I shall now raise this lovely glass of wine and say 'CHEERS!' to tank tops with built in bras and to the freedoms I enjoy as a woman in the year of 2010!

And now -- new topic... I do enjoy great language. Now if I could just remember which language goes where...

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