Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doubt, a Parable - Blog 3 - Patti Davis Suarez (playing Sister Aloysius)

Wow, the words!!!
Feeling them gurgle, spew, spit, hurl, like tiny torpedos, from the inards (scene 8); or ooze from the sinuses in slick coils (scene 5); or just stick there, south of the tonsils, refusing to come out (scene 9).
The devil and God are both in the words!
Or, as we hillbillies would say, “I'm lovin' them words.”
And to play word ping-pong with the likes of Angelica, Rusty, and Lillie????
Also, I gotta' say, the physical plainness of Sister A is grabbing me.
No eyelashes, no lip gloss, no blush.
Mmmmm, have aliens taken patti?
Where is she?

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