Friday, September 5, 2008

Doubt, a Parable - Blog 2 - Rusty Ferracane (playing Father Flynn)

Well, I’m stepping into the 21st Century and writing my first blog. (I guess I’m not the only one behind the times since Word just underlined "blog" as a misspelled word!) We’re finishing up our first three weeks of rehearsals this weekend and then we head over to Stage West to begin tech week. Way too much has happened during rehearsal to attempt to document the process here, and Kerry Lengel is taking care of that in the Arizona Republic anyway. Let me just say that the four of us and Matthew and April have gone on a rich and fascinating journey putting our little skit up on it’s feet. While Patti and Angelica have to deal with "nunny head gear" a couple of interesting things I have to deal with are a full length cassock and long fingernails. This is the closest I’ve been to dressing in drag on stage! The fingernails are particularly wild because I used to chew them down to the nub but Father Flynn likes to wear his nails long so I’ve kicked the habit and now sport nails that would make Streisand envious. I may even go get a manicure. Of course, I’ll go to a man’s salon like Boxers in order to maintain my "masculinity"!

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