Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Busy World is Hushed - Blog 3 - David Dickinson

This is entry three in a series of five by actor David Dickinson - playing Thomas in Actors Theatre's The Busy World is Hushed.

My Father’s “Seminary”

I remember finding one of my father’s notebooks from when he went to Ambassador College in the 1960’s. (This was the closest equivalent for him as a minister trainee in his church as going to seminary for an Episcopal priest.) What struck me about it was that his handwriting was similar to mine. He mixed printing with cursive the way I do. I know the ministers who taught him. I would take some of the same courses 30 years later when I attended the same school in his footsteps. There was fervency in his notes of discovering truth. I could sense that thrill that you have a connection to God through special knowledge… which to me is another seductive trap of religion. A trap that Thomas despises, yet for me and Thomas, seeing that fervency in our fathers is also comforting in some way. Even though you may not agree with what he believed, you understand the excitement of the discovery he was making. I take all these memories of seeing my father’s notes and connect them directly to Thomas

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