Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Busy World is Hushed - Blog 2 - David Dickinson

This is entry two in a series of five by actor David Dickinson - playing Thomas in Actors Theatre's The Busy World is Hushed.

The Absence of a Father
I lost my father when I nineteen. His absence in my life as I went off to college created a huge hole in my life. I’ve had so many questions about life that made me search harder because I didn’t have that male perspective as I went from adolescence to manhood. Multiply that by one-thousand for Thomas. As a son, when you lose your father you think of all the things you never asked. All the stories you know have a dark side to them because you can’t know your father’s perspective. What was my father really like away from home? Did he ever do things that he would be ashamed to tell me? What are the myths of the stories I have been told? Even if he were here, I’m still not sure I would know, but I could at least ask. Something about widowhood makes a woman protect her deceased spouse, especially in front of her children. The funny thing is children can usually feel the truth even if it is not discussed.

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