Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleep is for wimps!

...from Kane Anderson.

Our first matinee just started a few minutes ago (wow, I should really get ready soon...) and I felt like adding some bloggy love to our readers.

Last night's opening went fairly well, I thought. My whole system is somewhat fried after a day of moving almost everything I own and opening a new, wild show but I have found from my time as a starving graduate student that exhaustion is a fruitful place from which to write (as will soon be demonstrated during this week's finals). This blog, like my papers, are based on the brilliance from others so I'm going to steal from a great Augusta blog and offer up some notes to my fellow Pillow-people:

Matthew: It takes a very disturbed mind to orchestrate a play like this. I dig that about you. I would totally follow you in madness again. Really. In fact, you could hire me now if you like. No, really-like, right now. Really.

Christian: Dude, you are an athlete of emotions. I'm starting a collection to send you away somewhere to rest after all this. (April, you can go, too!)

Jon: How do you go from the Wolf in Peter and the Wolf at Childsplay to this? Your versatility is stunning (but you probably hear that a lot). Hey-how about a touring version of The Pillowman for kids next season? I think children need more plays that are dark, mature-themed and scary.

Cale: Please never interrogate me. Please. You frighten me, man. It's awesome. It's amazing. But, well, I bought a taser for space between us in the dressing room. Just sayin'...

Oliver: I wish you were a jerk. Then I could hate you for being so talented. But you're not a jerk. In fact, you're professional, quite down to earth and exciting to be around. So I have to deal. But I'm still curious about how you dealt with that itch problem?

Kerry: We're both in finals time and you never seem tired! How do you do it? It would help my self-image if you could yawn once in a while.

Hannah: I'm probably twice your age (sigh) and yet I am sure the audience can't take their eyes off of you. And truth be told, I can't help but focus on you in our scene together, either. It's a rare thing to demand that kind of attention from others. You go, girl.

My crew peeps: How do you keep all this up in the air? You make things fly by and because of your hard work and precision, we all feel taken care of and can lean into the magic of this play.

I encourage everyone to come join the haunting times at The Pillowman. It's the kind of daring theatre that I don't get to do often enough-and don't get to see enough, either!

And that sound of awkward laughter is my cue... Break a leg, people!


PS I have it on good authority (well, mostly good) that some other people besides me are going to offer some blogs soon. Really.

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