Monday, April 2, 2007

Pillowman Blog Set Up

by Janice Sweeter Director of Marketing

Ok - so we were excited to start a fun blog when we brought you Augusta but the blog kind of stalled once the show opened. Did you like what you read so far? We love to get your comments - please feel free to offer your two cents or even three. We are still learning this cool but demanding new communications model where the phrase "what have you done for me lately?" has new meaning - so please be gentle and stick with us as we navigate our way and fit blogging into an overstuffed schedule that includes getting The Pillowman ready to start April 27. We found a cool quote in the NY Times that called it "a blindingly bright black comedy" so we added it to our ad that will run in the Arizona Republic, New Times, Jewish News, JAVA and Phoenix Downtown. Do you read the Republic or any of these other publications? Do you visit Let me know where you like to go for entertainment news and I'll meet you there with some information about our shows. Visit for the review. We are pulling other fun stuff for the show and will have it up soon.

Augusta is over - "art history" as Matthew is fond of saying. We are sad to see it go because it was a lot of fun but we don't have the luxury of much time to reflect as we jump right into the next production, The Pillowman starting April 27. Matthew has a hot light in his eyes as he sketches out different sequences for very bad dreams in a special fantasy world being built on stage - and now the production team starts to hum as these sketches become reality. Let's see if we can talk these wizards into sharing just a few of their secrets and stories. The Meet and Greet is next Tuesday where we . . . . ummmmm ..... meet and greet for the first time and start rehearsal. The director (Matthew), the actors (Christian Miller, Jon Gentry, Cale Epps, Oliver Wadworth, Kerry Wieder , Kane Anderson, Hannah Trujillo and a TBA special appearance by an actor to be named ), and the production team including: April S. Smith, stage manager; Jeff Thomson, scenic design; Connie Furr-Soloman, costume design; Paul A. Black, lighting design; and David Temby, sound design. That sounds like a lot of talented people to me - and a lot of great people to tap for our bloggage. And we'll start with our leader Matthew - if we can get his nose out of the set drawings for just a few minutes. Let the cajoling begin. Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked. Just ask Master Blogger Ron May. Stay tuned . . . . .. .

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