Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A STEADY RAIN - Opening Weekend

Joseph Kremer in A STEADY RAIN
“Opening Weekend” is always a fun few days in the theatre world. It’s filled with exhaustion, weird energy,
rehearsal line flubs, and beer in the dressing room. I’ll explain the booze in the dressing room at the end.

Opening Weekend is the name for the days of Preview, Opening Night, and the Sunday Matinee. The Preview (first performance in front of an audience) is always fun, but extremely nerve-racking. However, when the audience gave what felt like a 5 minute standing ovation to Matthew Wiener (Producing Artistic Director) and Erica Black (Managing Director) before their curtain speech, any trepidation Chris and I felt suddenly went away. That was a pretty magical moment to experience backstage.

Opening Night was especially incredible since this was the first show for Actors Theatre since their triumphant return. There was a feeling in the air as if we were all experiencing a very special moment together at the same time. Sure, I was a little tired and I messed up a couple of lines, but it didn’t matter. The warm compliments I received after the show made me forget all about it and that’s all that’s really important.

In fact, Opening Night was so busy that they actually had to refill the beer …which was being stored in the storage space in our dressing room. So to recap, there was beer within close proximity, great audiences, and an “unpaused” theatre company. What a great weekend.

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