Monday, November 29, 2010

A CHRISTMAS CAROL blog 3: Mike Lawler (Marley's Ghost)

I was in Christmas Carol the first year Matthew directed it at Actors Theatre in ’95 (the old version). This is the final year of Christmas Carol and I get to be in it again and I’m thinking how I love this story. This is a story about guy who gets a second chance, who is self-centered with twisted ideas about the world and the people in it. A guy who has never made right anything he’s made wrong. And he wakes up and has the chance to make things right. I love it. Hey, I can relate.

I love rehearsal and this thing is rehearsal on steroids. We open at the end of our 3rd week together so we move fast. And we have the right directors to do it. Alan’s music is fabulous and when he directs he’s always looking out for us. We sound really good. It’s always a pleasure to work with Matthew. He’s a terrific director and storyteller and I love being a part of any story that he’s telling. Robbie is a great choreographer (have you seen Hairspray?) and so much fun to work with. And our cast rocks this show! I’m really excited about where we are in rehearsal now and we still have time! So onward and upward! I’m really grateful to be a part of this last production. Oh, yeah and my bald head has never had so much hair. Eddie Todd is going to go crazy with the Marley hair this year. :)

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