Monday, May 14, 2007

Saying Goodbye to The Pillowman

by Kane Anderson

It's always weird at the end of the show. Sometimes as an actor I feel like I have reached all I wish to explore with a role. Sometimes I feel like I've reached all I can stand of other actors. Sometimes it's just been many many weeks and I want a break and to catch up on what's happened on Heroes! But this production has been a pleasure throughout. I could keep doing it (y'know, were I not leaving for Moscow). It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to The Pillowman.

Some might say "But, Kane-you had a lot of downtime for the show, right?" (Uh...there are no small roles, only small paychecks. Thank you.) This show just sticks with me. Not just because of the fascinating arguments for and against the responsibilities of the artist. And not just because I see brilliant performances from some amazing actors who challenge me to be better each night. But because it is a good play with great people. And, to be honest, it's going to be hard to go back to doing theatre where I don't get to crucify little girls. It's like a drug-once it is in your system...

But seriously, Matthew, April, Christian, Cale, Jon, Oliver, Kerry & Hannah have been great to work with. I will miss Christian's funk music playing before the show. I will miss Cale's somewhat obsessive compulsive dental hygiene (flossing flotsam landed on me nightly). I will miss Cory (our FX guy) showing me how to make creative wounds between scenes. I will miss our little stylist Hannah giving a very imperturbable Kerry advice on how to do her hair for the show (the green highlights didn't make the cut). I will miss Jon vividly enacting out the "Little Jesus" story...a lot. I will miss Oliver giving me great career advice and sharing some truly "fierce" personas. I will miss our great costume mistress Emily doing my laundry. Gods, will I miss Emily doing my laundry!

Anyway, all the best to everyone at Actors Theatre who made The Pillowman a great experience. Hope to see you all again soon! (Really, Matthew, I can work anytime...please call me. Please. I work cheap.)

Be well, my Pillow-peeps!


PS I won't miss paying Hannah every time I swear. I'm in grad school at ASU. So I swear a lot. That's why I finally just paid up front. It was cheaper at the bulk rate. =)

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